Who are we? Company True Honey

True honey This is the right choice for those who appreciate the taste of life and know that it is possible to regale not only delicious, but also useful!


Honey - is the calling card of our country all over the world.


The community of family apiaries "True Honey" was founded 9 years ago.


Since 2009, we have decided to live in a family estate and create it in the settlement of Paradise Valley, www.raiskaya-dolina.com. Odessa region, Znamyanskaya OTG. And to engage in such a difficult, but beloved affair, as an apiary and the production of bee products. Our bees collect nectar and pollen away from highways and big cities.


Since 2015, registered the trademark "Right honey". We honor the traditions of the ancestors, preserving and restoring the culture of bortnicking, collecting honey from decks (such as a hollow). Observing the life of bees in natural conditions (without frames and honeycombs) it becomes clear how bees do without drugs and sugar syrups (dressings). Therefore, we do not treat our bees with antibiotics and do not feed them with sugar.


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There are honey plants that do not grow in Odessa and the region, so we are buying the best varietal honey from all over Ukraine. Having experience working with bees living in natural conditions (in decks), we easily recognize beekeepers who cleanly and lovingly lead their beekeeping business. So they created a community of family apiaries, monitor high quality and are ready to cooperate.


By offering this range of honey, we form a new culture, where honey is a product worthy of the best treatment and rules of use. We surprise with traditional, original and exclusive grades of high quality.


In 2016, they opened the first company store “Honey Teremok” in Odessa. We invite entrepreneurs to develop a network throughout the country.


In 2018, for the first time in Ukraine, we developed a TU for honey treats and honey with phyto additives, where honey is a natural preservative. We have been producing honey delicacies with berries, nuts, seeds and herbs without heat treatment for 7 years. Our community offers a wide range of products.


Proper honey is not cheap. We value our work and the work of the beekeepers of the commonwealth; in practice, knowing how much effort we need to put in to please our customers with a truly high-quality product, while preserving its natural purity.


Harmonious coexistence with nature allows you to create the right, 100% natural honey, delicacies and bee products. Nature gave us a unique product. We gratefully accept this gift from her and share with you!