Beekeeping tinctures

Beekeeping tinctures
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Honey health resort tested by many generations of beekeepers.

In this category, you can choose a therapeutic tincture on various beekeeping products. Tincture on propolis, on the marten and on the back of a fire.

Each drug has its own pharmacological properties, and at the same time, the list of diseases with which they successfully fight is unusually wide. As always with bee medications, they are effective in the treatment of many diseases. For example, a wax moth tincture helps with bronchitis and other pulmonary diseases. Propolis tincture is perfect for throat and mouth. Bee Podmor tincture is good for joint pain. With more complete specifications and descriptions you can read by going to the page of a tincture. Alcohol tinctures on bee products with delivery throughout Ukraine.

In our store, you can buy only high-quality and proven drugs in the Honey Sanatorium category.

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