Section Honey Blends and Compositions

Section Honey Blends and Compositions
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Владимир Петрушев, основатель компании Правильный МЁД, успешно прошел обучение в бизнес акселераторе 2.0, который начиная с февраля и по март проходил в Одессе.

Honey delicacies, cocktails and mixes are another direction and another pride of the Right Honey company.

We have learned to "preserve" a berry in honey, preserving all its living components. Honey with lingonberries, ginger, sea buckthorn, viburnum, feijoa, dogwood, blueberries - have already found their admirers. Unique nut mixes in honey - a perfect gift for any holiday.

Every year we try to pamper our customers with new, new recipes. So appeared "Honey with strawberries and basil" and "Blueberries with mint in honey."

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